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Efficient Whatsapp conversation assistant, showing your customers, automatically responding to keywords, taking care of customers

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Pain points of enterprise online operation and management

The labor cost is high and there are no standard operation tools.

Have difficulty in understanding user needs, and the conversion rate is not high.

Enabling enterprises to fine operation and efficient transformation

Efficient Retention

Personalized Welcome Messages

Keyword Auto Reply

Quick Reply

Conversion Repurchase

Conversation Sidebar

Customer Notes Timeline

Script Library

Product Function Introduction

Welcome Messages for Friends

In the form of text, emoji, and link, it can meet the requirements of personalized welcome messages configuration in multiple scenarios.

Keyword-based Auto Reply

Making good use of keyword-based auto reply not only lets customers feel warmth and care of the enterprise, but also promotes the subsequent efficient conversion.

One-click Reply

With 20 commonly used messages set up, you can use one-click reply to solve the problem of slow typing and low communication efficiency.

Send mass messages on WhatsApp

Send mass messages to your customers. Keep them coming back with updates, promotions and more. Sky-high open & reply rates.

Massive Customer Tags

Customer tags can help keep a good record of customer intention track and achieve one-to-one transformation easily.

Suitable Industry

E-commerce retail
Education and training
Catering and food
Finance and insurance

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