Comprehensive interpretation: 7 ways to increase sales using WhatsApp (successful experience)

WhatsApp marketing strategy
Here are 7 ways we can promote your business on WhatsApp!

1. Craft a brand persona

If you're a new business owner and have not yet created a brand persona, consider what are the human-like characteristics you’d want your business to have.

How would your customers recognize you? What are the business’ unique personality traits, values, and attitude?

Your WhatsApp business profile and business catalog should also reflect a brand identity that supports your brand persona. This means that the fonts, colors and logos used in these WhatsApp pictures should reflect the brand persona.

For example, you may want to keep your customized service's brand persona as sophisticated, professional, and sincere. Or perhaps you’re a new tech company, and want to have a vibrant business persona filled with energy and excitement.

Remember to keep your brand persona consistent across all marketing platforms, including on WhatsApp Business, so that you present a coherent image to customers from your website to your social media accounts.

2. Provide high quality customer service

Good customer service is good branding.

Remember how 78% of leads buy from businesses who respond first? Well, real-time customer support with good responsiveness makes customers feel valued.

Answering questions and providing assistance further conveys that your business is detailed and customer-centric.

Top it off with a warm yet professional messaging tone to make customers feel welcomed when interacting with your business.

3. Utilize broadcast message feature

If you have not yet heard of WhatsApp’s broadcast feature, you’re missing out! WhatsApp Broadcast allows you to simultaneously send the same messages to multiple people while appearing as if it was personally sent to every recipient. When you broadcast messages on the WhatsApp Business app, do take note that you can only send out template messages that have to first be pre-approved by WhatsApp. This is for WhatsApp to enforce their guidelines that broadcasted messages cannot be of promotional nature.

However, there still other types of messages that you can broadcast to market your business:

Events: Maybe you’re hosting an expert roundup webinar on a special topic, or you may be livestreaming a Q&A session on Facebook Live. Gather interest on special events through WhatsApp Broadcast, and let customers feel more involved with your business!

Updates: Convey to your customers that you care and value them. You can update existing customers when requested features are newly added, or when new store locations are opening near them.

Surveys: Gather your customers’ opinions while conveying that you value their feedback. Ask about comments for your new products, or about their latest shopping experience on your website.

You may find your broadcasted messages to have a low response rate from your customers. But don’t be disheartened and don’t give up! The whole point is for you to proactively reach out and convey to customers that they are remembered and valued.

4. Create WhatsApp groups

You’re most probably familiar with what a WhatsApp Group is. But consider using this feature in a refreshing way — treat it like an intimate Twitter platform.

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Build communities on WhatsApp by adding customers with similar interests into the same group and frequently share thoughts, trends and product launches surrounding that interest.

For example, maybe you notice that there are a handful of customers who frequently purchase floral items on your fashion webstore. Create a group with these customers to ask for their feedback, gather customer insights, share the latest floral fashion trends, and specially notify them of the floral pieces in a new seasonal lineup.

The idea here is to target a specific group of customers and engage them in a way that feels personal and communal.

Make continual use of WhatsApp Group invitation URLs in emails or broadcasted messages to grow such groups with new members!

5. Utilize various features

The WhatsApp Business app has an existing variety of features meant to improve the texting experience. Consider combining your existing marketing efforts with these WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Status
Do you already have an existing social media account? You’ll be pleased to find that WhatsApp has also joined the ‘story feature’, alongside Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you’re already producing frequent story videos, then bolster your WhatsApp marketing by using these same videos on WhatsApp Status.

In-app preview
When a website URL is sent on a WhatsApp chat, a preview of that page is generated to give users a glimpse of that page’s content. While you’re answering queries or sharing about new products, you can insert your business website URL and have the in-app preview prompt them to check out your website.

Additionally, WhatsApp also supports in-app viewing of YouTube videos. If you have tutorials or new product introduction videos on YouTube, share them in your WhatsApp chat with customers for immediate and easy viewing of these videos.

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Voice messaging
Responding to a complicated question from your customer? Handling an elderly customer who struggles with technology that requires your customer support?

Add that extra dose of personal connection by strategically using the voice message feature in WhatsApp. It has the practical advantage of replayability, and the opportunity to convey professional, warm, and sincere tones to your customers.

6. Reach out to customers

Recall that people value personalized communication. When you drop them a personalized text message, people are more likely to be re-nurtured, provide referrals, or provide feedback on their purchase experience.

In the final stage of a sales cycle, how we close the sale and manage our customer relationships may determine the customer’s future interaction with your business.

We should move beyond automatically generating post-sales email sequences as the only form of follow-up after a customer has made a purchase.

Proactively reaching out to customers 1-on-1 on WhatsApp may be time consuming, but it gives you quality feedback and deeper customer insights when done well.

We encourage you to directly ask customers for their feedback. What did they like about their shopping experience? Do they dislike the purchased product after receiving it? What new features would they like to see from your services?

Then thank them sincerely for their feedback, invite them to join any of your WhatsApp interest groups, or offer a small token of appreciation, such as a discount code. Show appreciation to your customers, and they’ll feel appreciated.

7. Vary message content

While using various types of features within WhatsApp, remember to not bore your customers by repeatedly sharing the same kind of content.

Keep your WhatsApp marketing refreshing with a variety of content types. Promotional messages may be important to improve sales, but re-nurturing customers can also be done with other creative content.

Share the latest trends. Tell a story of successful use cases enabled by your business. Publicize the webinars you’ve organized with guest experts roundup. Update existing customers of new free features. Be creative with your content!

Tips for WhatsApp marketing

Here are 3 quick tips when you’re using WhatsApp to market your business!

1.Use quick replies

The WhatsApp Business app has a unique feature that allows you to send quick replies. These are prepared templates that are helpful to answer frequently asked questions, or generic greetings, and thank you messages.

Using quick replies saves precious time so you won’t have to retype the same messages time after time.

Therefore, consider using software like EfficientChat to improve the efficiency of replying on WhatsApp. Contains Personalized Welcome Messages, Keyword Auto Reply, Quick Reply

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2. Use a messaging software

As your business grows, you’ll find that you’ll have an increase in communication needs that exceeds what the WhatsApp Business app offers.

EfficientChat allows you to broadcast personalized messages WITHOUT the restrictions surrounding WhatsApp Broadcast.

3. Don’t overdo it

We suggest adopting this best practice when marketing on WhatsApp.

After all, most customers use WhatsApp on a daily basis for personal communication. They may appreciate the efforts from your business, but do it too often and too much, and they’ll find it more spammy than helpful.

Appropriately schedule your WhatsApp marketing efforts so that you maintain a healthy frequency of messages sent. Not everyone appreciates daily updates, even if they are interested in the type of content sent.

Refrain from an unethical spamming of broadcast messages to your customers when using messaging software. Avoid actions that badly reflect on your business.

In other words, be careful to not be counter-productive in your WhatsApp marketing efforts. Doing more isn’t always being more effective. Consider which marketing platform is appropriate for the planned marketing effort, and strategically deploy WhatsApp as one of the many marketing tools at your disposal


We hope that we’ve given you a good look at how you can deploy a successful marketing strategy using WhatsApp.

If you haven’t done so, please hop onto the bandwagon immediately and start using the WhatsApp Business app to market your business!

Interested to bolster your WhatsApp marketing efforts with a messaging platform? Get started with EfficientChat today!