eCommerce is driven more by PANIC and TRUST than needs!

RestSend helps you doing BOTH!

Show Recent Orders 

RestSend takes your recent orders and show that to your customers.

Google analytics goal setup

This is social proof sales notifications

Great features recommended

1.Each session to display the same number of variants is 1
Customers don't like repeating products, it is kind of boring! If you have a lot of products, you might want to lower its value to just 1. restsend technology to help you improve the buyer experience

2.Detection intent of goods purchased, suspended a pop-up window
Customer intends to purchase when selling goods in the Popup, will use the mouse in the corresponding pop-up window, further information. restsend technology enables the suspension effect is beneficial to customers click on the play box, enter the details of the commodity page

Recommended Values

Initial Delay: Customer look at the product for only few seconds and then close the window. This time depends on type of products you are selling, in most of the cases it is less than 20 seconds. Thus, you should set this value less than 20 seconds.

Seconds for which notification is shown: we want these notifications to appear for enough seconds to look or click on but not long enough to stay on page. We recommend these values no more than 9 seconds and no less than 5 seconds.

Last, get out of the shopify APP store, add this social proof sales notifications to your store.