Twilio Alternatives:EfficientChat is more suitable for small businesses and individuals

As one of the most popular cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) solutions out there, Twilio enables business communications through the use of API.

What makes Twilio great 

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Flexible solutions through API 

Twilio’s API supports a wide variety of programming languages. Businesses’ in-house developers will very likely find themselves easily integrating Twilio with the existing business software they have.

This makes Twilio a powerful option for larger businesses to seamlessly integrate WhatsApp to expand their communication needs. There’s no need for team members to learn how to use a completely new software, or even add a new software to use in everyday workflows just to access and use the WhatsApp platform.

Customer experience centric 

Twilio is just as natural to use for customers as it is for businesses.

No matter how businesses integrate Twilio’s WhatsApp API with their business software, customers will have no visible difference in their experience when interacting with the business via WhatsApp.

The customer service team may be sending messages from CRM tools, while notifications and shipping updates are also sent out from business transaction software. But Twilio maintains this unified experience for the customer in their WhatsApp interactions with the business.

This is important for larger businesses who may use several software to concurrently send WhatsApp messages to customers.


Twilio stresses on the importance of only paying for the features that you are using. Even though Twilio supports other business communication solutions, they will only charge you for the use of WhatsApp API if you choose to only adopt that solution from them.

Twilio’s transparency in pricing makes it easy for businesses to make an informed consideration over its adoption.

Twilio’s weaknesses 

A complex solution

Twilio’s model of working as an integrated solution with existing business software means that it's not a cookie cutter solution.

This means that Twilio’s not so great for smaller businesses who may need a cookie cutter solution for their WhatsApp business communications — a software that is easy to install and easy-to-use.

After all, smaller businesses will not appreciate having complicated software solutions in their daily business operations.

With a smaller customer base and smaller teams, these businesses may need a stronger WhatsApp solution than the WhatsApp Business app, but Twilio may be too complex and too expensive, especially if you don’t have any coders or developers on your team. 

Lesser dedicated customer service

If you check out Twilio on customer review sites like this one, customers who gave poor ratings frequently cited a common reason for their dissatisfaction — a lack of frequent customer service support despite Twilio’s technical installation and integration with business software.

Google analytics goal setup
Google analytics goal setup

Although Twilio has a rich library of online resources, less tech-savvy business teams will have a harder time implementing Twilio for their WhatsApp needs. Perhaps due to Twilio’s immense size, businesses may find themselves being starved of more detailed and frequent guidance from customer service representatives during onboarding.

However, as we always say, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Twilio might be suitable for some businesses, but might not be suitable for yours.

That said, what are some other WhatsApp Business providers out there?

Let’s take a look at the alternative business solution providers that offer business messaging solutions through the use of WhatsApp API.


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EfficientChat (a powerful and easy-to-use sales CRM) is created on WhatsApp. It brings together welcome messages for new friends, keyword replies, quick replies and massive customer tags, and has become an unprecedented and efficient CRM tool.

EfficientChat is designed for small businesses and individuals, enabling businesses and individuals to quickly support customers on WhatsApp.

Best known for: Broadcast feature, Customer Tags,Welcome Messages for
FriendsStandout feature: Keyword-based Auto Reply,One-click Reply
Pricing: Free


As you can see, there is a wide variety of solutions for businesses of different sizes, needs.

Want to avoid the hassle of adopting a WhatsApp Business API account and have a plug-and-play solution instead?

Take a deeper look into EfficientChat and its features to see how it supports the WhatsApp business communications needs of small to medium-sized businesses!