Use Social Proof Examples in Your Marketing Strategy To Build Brand Trust

There are times I find myself eating meals at food spots that I have never been to. Because I see many people are in that place, I think that, well, “if the restaurant doesn’t offer good meals, then there wouldn’t be that many people.”

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In social psychology, it is called conformity. In its simplest explanation, conformity occurs when a person wants to match the attitudes, beliefs, or behavior to fit the like-minded groups.

social proof is one type of conformity. It’s copying others’ actions; when a person is unable to determine the right behavior in the given situation, he or she relies on knowledge of people surrounding them. It is the assumption that those people have a better knowledge of action in that situation.

How can you apply conformity – social proof to your electronic commerce business strategies to boost sales and conversions?

Social Proof Notifications 

What is good about these notifications is that they can always appear on the any page. Visitors don’t have to lose time searching for the brand trust that keeps them from going to the checkout process. For this, you can fully trust, and put your eCommerce business into the hands of RestSend to prevent card abandonment.

RestSend social proof notifications show the following information to visitors: 

Sales popups

sales popups show how many people have bought a particular product or service.

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These popups mirror the wisdom of the crowd techniques that are widely used in marketing to increase sales. As I wrote above, psychologically, people tend to trust others sharing similar interests and tastes. People tend to trust the demonstrated numbers of sales because they think that those buyers have more knowledge and experience. For this reason, RestSend is a great deal to show brand trust for newcomers.

All in all,social proof pack - create trust and brand credibility to boost your new-born store.