WhatsApp Automation first update in 2022

Thanks to everyone who has been testing our product for over a month and gave a lot of useful feedback, we released the second major milestone version (1.1.0) in 2022.01.17, including the following updates:

• Added tagging system (a lot of test user feedback is great), manage contacts by tags, we also have a built-in gender filter

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• On the right side of the chat window, there is a UI for tags and notes, which can record important information about this contact during the chat

Google analytics goal setup

• BulkSend which is great, this function is feedback from many users, so we implemented:
   ○ Bulk send pictures and texts to your contacts
   ○ Select some contacts, of course, you can choose different gender or different tags to send, how practical the function of tags is

Google analytics goal setup

• Optimized the Chrome/Edge connect, you only need to enter an AccessCode to use

Google analytics goal setup

We will continue to upgrade WhatsApp Automation. If you have any questions during use, please give us feedback.

Thank you very much.