Quick Start

How to get started with Restsend

1. Agree to the anti spam policy

Restsend is a cloud-based transactional email system, which is why it’s important that all of our customers adhere to our rules and industry practices. For this step, we’ll ask you to agree with our Anti-Spam Policy. Please read this document carefully.

2. Verify your sender domain

a.Add your sender domain

Next up it's time to add your sending domain. This lets you send from any email address attached to that domain or associated subdomain. Go to the domain page to add your domain name. An image

b. Verify your domain

Make sure you have access to the DNS records of your domain, and then click the Check DNS button to start the verification process.

An image

  • MX: Set up an email so that it can receive emails

  • TXT for SPF: Send email server IP verification.

  • TXT of DKIMs: Similar to SPF, but verified using encryption methods.

You can go to your DNS provider to configure the corresponding expected values. For more details, please refer to Domain DNS Settings.

Troubleshooting: If you’ve configured the DNS, waited a while and still see that your domain is marked as unverified, try pressing the Check NDS Setting button once more. If this doesn’t change anything, please check whether the DNS records are entered correctly in your DNS provider. If your records look correct, please contact our support to assist you further.

Domain verification, done! you can add your first sender.

An image

c. Add your sender

If you want to add more senders, you can click on the identities location or the setting button to add them

An image

3. Send mail

After completing these steps, please go to the message page to start testing Restsend and send your first email. An image

4. Create a template

If you want to use some email sent templates, you can create or use public templates on the templates page An image

5. suppression

You can view the return email and other prohibited email feedback addresses on this page

6. More features invite you to explore together

How Transactional Email Works

The Transaction Email Service.