WhatsApp™ automation tools

Wamate is an automation tool for WhatsApp™, tag your contacts, bulk messaging, no-code messaging WorkFlow.

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Powerful features

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Tag all your contacts.

Manage contacts with tags, this feature is special and really touching.

Bulk Send

Send Bulk Message to contacts, you can even send pictures, choose by tags or groups, it won't disturb others, it's amazing.

Autoresponders with workflow

Customize the words or images for different scenarios of customers to make the autoresponder (bot) more user-friendly.

Bulk account management

Bind multiple WhatsApp™ accounts at the same time and customize the content of auto-response for each account separately to help sellers respond to customers quickly and reduce loss.

Bulk messages autoresponders

Automatically send messages or activities to new users to increase customer and community activity and promote conversion

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