New user connection device

Sign Up / Login

  1. Click on the official website button to sign up by email or log in to your Waimate account.
  2. Enter the background interface

Add the Whatsapp Automation plug-in

  1. Use chrome browser or edge browser to enter our Waimate plug-in and download the URL
  2. Chrome browser download URL: installation
  3. Edge browser download URL: installation
  4. Click [Add to chrome] on the right, after the addition is successful, click the icon to enter the Waimate plug-in platform.

Fill in the AccessCode

  1. Go to the background to apply for the only AccessCode to fill in, and click [Installed]; after the download is successful, enter the installation page.

  2. After success, please go to the background to configure the automatic batch reply.

Batch reply in the background

Connect to Devices management

  1. Before using, you need to download the plug-in: click on the shortcut entry of Edge or Chrome, and go directly to the download interface to download (if you are already connected, ignore this).

  2. Bind the Waimate plug-in with the only AccessCode (if you have already bound, ignore this).

  3. After the connection is successful, your device is in the device list.

  4. Manage connected devices: search for devices, filter device status, edit device information, delete devices.

    Search box: enter the device name, you can quickly find

    Status: The device status is divided into 5 types (Pending, Installed, Connected, Running, Paused, All). After selecting, directly filter. Such as: pending equipment.

    Edit: After editing the device name, it will be saved automatically; at the same time, the AccessCode corresponding to the current device can be viewed.

  5. Delete: can unbind the bound device.


Create automatic replies

  1. You can add automatic replies for new users, new users joining the group, etc. according to your marketing scenario needs.
  2. Click [SAVE] to save the configured workflow

Manage automatic response workflow

  1. Manage custom workflows: search for workflow names, filter workflow status, filter workflow types, edit workflows, delete, and bind workflows to designated devices.

    Search box: enter Trigger, you can quickly find.

    Status: Workflow status is divided into 4 types (Running, Paused, Stoped, All), and you can filter directly after selection.

    Type: There are 5 types of workflows (RecvUserMessage, RecvGroupMessage, NewGroupMessage, NewUser, All), and they are filtered directly after selection.

    Binding: Associate the automatic reply device corresponding to this workflow, click [ok] to save.

    Edit: After clicking, enter the workflow configuration page again. After editing, be sure to save.

    Edit: After clicking, enter the workflow configuration page again. After editing, be sure to save.


Create a group post

  1. Add the name of the group
  2. Choose which devices to send to
  3. Select the type of group message: text message, picture message
  4. Add specific content that needs to be sent
  5. After the above filling is completed, the last step is to select the sending rule
  6. Click [SAVE] to save the configured group sending

Manage mass posting

  1. Manage the group message: search group name, group status filter, edit workflow, delete.

    Search box: enter Campaign, you can quickly find.

    Status: There are 5 types of group sending status (Pending, Running, Paused, Stoped, All), and they can be filtered directly after selection.

    Edit: After clicking, enter the group sending configuration page again. After editing, be sure to save.

    Delete: delete the configured group sending

Personal center

In the personal center, modify your nickname and login password.